The Manifest

The Manifest

Together, with reason and imagination, we believe we can achieve the systematic transformation in education for development of the child and the society.

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Education Observatory

Education Observatory

Education Observatory provides independent, scientific and constructive opinion on policies and practices concerning preschool, primary and secondary education with the aim of providing a source where recent developments in education can be tracked.

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Education Laboratory

Education Laboratory

Education Laboratory tries to bring creative and innovative solutions in education by bringing ERG’s expertise and network in education together with the design and technology competencies of its copartner ATÖLYE.

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Values of ERG

100% Focus on Education

We conduct our operations focusing only on education prior to university.

Evidence-Based Analysis

We aim to contribute to improvement of our education system by being a qualified data source and helping decision making processes to become evidence-based.


We conduct our operations in an objective and unbiased manner, independent from any ideology, institution or organization. We do not aim for profit.

Multidisciplinary Studies

We try to create shared wisdom from different opinions through bringing people, institutions and organizations from various fields of expertise.

Constructive Opinion

In order to contribute to improvement of education policies, we provide constructive opinion and policy recommendations.


We trust in power of imagination in developing creative and innovative solutions that would make a difference in education. We do not give up imagination.

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