Together, with Reason and Imagination

We constantly reconsider education as Turkey and the world have been changing.

We believe that education occupies a space larger than only schools in the world.

We believe that education has more important outcomes than its economic outputs.

We believe that education can be improved through participatory processes.

We imagine an education that is accessible for everyone and considers mind and heart as a unity.

For this, we invite all actors of education, starting from ourselves, to use their critical creativity, to constantly reconsider the work that has been done and seek new ways to do it better.

We believe in importance of objective, unbiased and scientific knowledge.

We believe that policy making processes should depend on evidence.

We believe in importance of creation of shared wisdom by different opinions through the multidisciplinary studies.

We believe in  importance of transforming knowledge into creative solutions.

We believe in practices stemming from the heart of the research.

We believe that transformation in education for development of the child and the society can be created together, with reason and imagination.