A New Idea Production Center: Education Reform Initiative

ERG, is an independent and not-for-profit think-and-do-tank that contributes to systemic transformation in education for the benefit of the child’s and the society’s development through sound evidence, constructive dialogue and innovative/critical thinking. Evidence-based decision-making processes in education concerning stakeholder engagement and ensuring the access of all children to quality education are the key elements of systemic transformation.

ERG, established in 2003, is a good example for the Turkish civil society, since it is an initiative supported by leading foundations in Turkey.

ERG carries out its’ research and education activities through ERG Education Observatory unit and Education Laboratory.

Education Observatory makes an effort on providing independent, scientific and constructive views on education policies and practices that concern preschool, primary and secondary education with the aim of presenting a source where the recent developments in education can be tracked. It tries to inform the public and improve education policy processes and outputs by sharing the developments in education with the public and public opinion through its researches and policy documents and the Education Monitoring Reports that have been published since 2008.

Education Laboratory makes an effort to develop creative and innovative solutions in education by bringing ERG’s background and network in education together with design and technology. It organizes the Good Practices in Education Conference where educators, people and institutions that are willing to create a difference in education come together and share good examples and materials, interact and learn from each other. It also creates an opportunity of “encounter” for teachers to initiate collective projects and have a pleasant time. It has also organized Turkey’s first teacher festival Festival for Teachers.

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