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What They Said About ERG

“Education Reform Initiative (ERG) not only pioneered the development of a new political culture by bringing together with bureaucracy, private sector, universities, schools and the civil society representatives together, but also made important contributions to the formation of integrative, long-running, evidence-based, rational and innovative policies with its works in a short time. I am very happy that we had the opportunity to support and host such an initiative as Sabanci Group, Sabanci University and Sabanci Foundation. I believe that ERG will provide very important contributions to the state-society collaboration by the support of all stakeholders while prioritizing the public interest.”

Güler Sabancı, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

“It is necessary to treat  the education problem of the country in two ways. rst, the investment in buildings, laboratories and similar infrastructure projects; I call it“hardware”. Second,the education system, curriculum and the quality of teachers, and I call them “software”. If the “software” is of poor quality, the investment in the “hardware” would not provide great benefits. Thereby, we should allocate resources to what we call “policy making”, the extraordinarily important but disowned “software” that cannot be touched or seen. It is the key of the issue. Unfortunately, the think-tanks in our country are neither active enough nor can give the desired importance to this issue and do the necessary directing. Whereas in developed countries these institutions numbering around 4000 are significantly directing the policies and strategies of the countries they settle in.”

Rahmi M. Koç, Koc Holding Honorary Chairman

“Koc Group has the mission of taking responsibility in education which seen to us as the primary issue for economic and social development of Turkey. Along with our companies’  corporate social responsibility activities, Vehbi Koc Foundation has been providing scholarships to young individuals and presenting role models with its education institutions that have been aiming excellence since the day it was founded. For this reason, we are pleasant to support Education Reform Initiative which is established with a similar mission, with the idea of contributing to education, policies and decision making process.”

Mustafa V. Koç, Koc Holding Chairman (Deceased)

“It is an important opportunity for our country that Turkey’s most important institutions, universities and foundations come together and support ERG with the objective of quality education. İstanbul Bilgi University with its pioneering and innovative approach, accepts the responsibility of serving to the education world by supporting reform and improvement initiatives in every section of education.”

Prof. Dr. Halil Güven, Istanbul Bilgi University Former Rectorate

“As MV Holding, we believe that ERG’s idea formation processes have an important role in creation of social consciousness and development of education policies. We see succession of matters such as Early Childhood Education, Access and Continuity to Education, Equality of Education, Vocational Education and Improvement of Education Quality as the factors that will move Turkey towards future. We support ERG and we intend to contribute to raise individuals for the benefit of society by means of the realization of ERG’s recommendations and policies.”

Banu Vargı Tümay, MV Holding Board of Directors Member