German Turkish Teachers’ Academy

German Turkish Teachers’ Academy German Turkish Teachers’ Academy

The German-Turkish Teachers Academy project was initiated and organized by Herbert Quandt-Stiftung and the Education Reform Initiative (ERG) as a part of the Ernst-Reuter-Initiative of the Foreign Offices of Germany and Turkey. The project aims to strengthen the intercultural educational links between Germany and Turkey and to help participating teachers gain more knowledge of the other country in order to overcome prejudices and stereotypes and find common ground around school-related issues.

For the past three years, the academy has taken place in Istanbul, Berlin, and Izmir respectively. Overall, over 60 teachers have attended the meetings. Every year, presentations, panel discussions and workshops are conducted on a predetermined subject in the area of education. The academy gives teachers a chance to share their knowledge and opinions on the education systems of both countries, work together on intercultural learning, evaluate perceptions on the chosen subject within the field of education, and discuss recent developments.

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