Education Reform Initiative (ERI), in collaboration with UNICEF Turkey has prepared a study on inclusive education in Turkey. Within the scope of this study, access and quality aspects of inclusive education have been evaluated by investigating regulations, policies, practices and experiences. 4 publications have been prepared as a result of this project.

A Situation Analysis of Inclusive Education in Secondary Schools in Turkey

While focusing mainly on the current state of inclusive education in secondary schools, the report also includes a general assessment of inclusive education in Turkey. The first section looks at international standards and national legislation; the second part presents a literature review on the subject, and the last section evaluates the current situation regarding inclusive education in Turkey.

Policy Recommendations for Promoting Inclusive Education in Turkey

The document summarizes critical policy steps that need to be taken for inclusive education to become a policy priority and a sustainable practice in Turkey. The recommendations focus on raising awareness, curricula and education materials, and support for teachers.

Inclusive Education: School Practices, Teachers’ Needs

Based on interviews with teachers, the report was prepared by Müge Ayan to uncover the opportunities created by teachers and their needs to make inclusive education practices possible.

The Right of Children with Disabilities to Education: Situation Analysis and Recommendations for Turkey

This study, prepared by Z. Hande Sart, Sevde Barış, Yaprak Sarıışık and Yeliz Düşkün, investigates the education services offered to children with disabilities in Turkey. The report analyzes challenges facing these children and their families, and their needs with regard to access to education, and to the scope and quality of services. The authors also present recommendations based on their findings.