Festival Time


We define teachers not solely by their professions, but as individuals.

Education Reform Initiative organized Turkey’s first teachers’ festival “Festival for Teacher” by allocating a few days of the year only for teachers and their stories.

The festival was carried out in 5 different places as 5 different events between 2-14 April 2016. It received 223 applications and 210 people participated in the festival events that are Walk of Memory, Forum Theater, Living Library, Creative Writing and Pecha Kucha Night.

Festival for Teacher provided a setting where teachers could tell their stories to one another, interact with and learn from each other.

  • Aprıl 3rd 2016

Walk of Memory

The event took place in areas where violation of human rights or resistance to such violation was witnessed. The voluntery narrators who shared the stories of the places in terms of violations of rights and resistance were found by the teachers with the help of the maps and passwords provided.

  • Aprıl 9th 2016

Living Library

The books of Living Library are people who are exposed to prejudice, discrimination and social exclusion. The books and readers get involve into a dialogue. The Living Library event took place in Atölye with the partnership of Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG).

  • Aprıl 14th 2016

Pecha Kucha Night

Pecha Kucha is presentation method realized in an efficient and fast manner. The presenter  describes 20 visuals in 20 seconds and completes the entire presentation in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. In this event, 6 teachers explained their own stories with the Pecha Kucha technique.

  • Aprıl 6th 2016

Forum Theater

Forum theater, the method based on Agusto Boal’s theory, enables questioning the solution for the person at stake together with the audience. In the “Öğretme-n” (Teach-er) play, some examples of the challenges that teachers face in the parent-school-student relations are handled. The audience were involved in the play as being an actor as well as a problem solver who thought over the situations.

  • Aprıl 10th 2016

Creative Writing Workshop

In the workshop, teachers reflected our simple daily life figures in their stories in the way that Sait Faik (famous Turkish writer) does.

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